Footfall Counters

Lab Tek offers a comprehensive and innovative range of Footfall Counters designed and built in the UK to meet today's competitive environment.

Battery Operated


Cross Beam

Live Reporting to Mobile

One unit which bounces its beam off of a reflector disc mounted on the other side of the entrance

Models: LT2, LT5 and LT10

One unit sending a beam across the entrance way to its maximum range

Models: LTB3, LT2A

An overhead unit which produces a downward triangular beam suitable for single or double doorways and will 'ignore' doors opening across its beam counting only people

Models: LTB-1

Model Features

LTB Range - Battery powered, count only

LT Range - Mains powered, count only



Low-cost Customer Counters from £69

Now available our new low-cost queue management system























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